Just in case

Ah, the old just in case reason to not let go.

Curious that we are so good at imagining a time, somewhere in the future, 
where we might need an object we haven’t used, needed or even remembered we owned!

Here are ideas on how to reframe the whole just in case mindset.
1.  Think of just in case as a guy, named Justin Case.
     You are giving Justin storage space in your house for things that he thinks might come in handy someday.
     You barely have room for your own things, and you’re giving him room on a shelf?  In a drawer?
     In the back of the closet?  Out in the garage?
     And it’s not like he helps around the house.  He just demands room for his stuff.

2.  Hopefully you got your money’s worth out of the item.  
     Holding onto the item doesn’t get you your money back.
     That money is gone.
     Your cost per usage provided the value you desired.
     If you never used or under used the item, you wasted the money when you purchased it, 
     not when you let it go.

3.  Let’s say you let something go.  And in six months you need it.
     I’m willing to bet you could find something in your house that would do the same job.
     Or that you could borrow the item from a friend.  Or purchase it used.
     If you did decide to replace it, I’m betting the new one would be a better version of the one you had.

Instead of holding onto things from the past, just in casing about the future, 
I encourage you to trust yourself.  
Believe that you know what you really need for the life you want to be living.
That you have the ability and the resources to get whatever you may need to support that life.
Come from a place of abundance and not scarcity.
Say goodbye to Justin Case.
And hello to a spacious and more organized life.