Keeping, instead of letting go.

What if instead of focusing your decluttering energy on what you are willing to let go, 
you focused on what you want to keep?

What clothes look great on you?
Which books are you really going to read or reread?
How much of that yarn are you going to take the time and energy to knit?
What art work inspires you?
Which kitchen tools get used on a regular basis?
How many sheets and towels are necessary?

Each room in your home holds items that have meaning,
use and value to you.
Start with recognizing those.
Not every item on a shelf, or in a drawer, or hanging in a closet
is necessary or appropriate for the life you are living now.
Or the life you are consciously trying to create as you go forward.

As you focus on the real keepers,
and you work from “what do I really want?”,
deciding what to let go of becomes easier and more obvious.

Consciously choosing what has meaning,
and what you want to be surrounded by
creates gratitude
for the people and things filling your life.
Gratitude allows you to feel you have enough.
You experience a sense of abundance and are able to
let go of the extras, the duplicates, and the Justin Case.

It’s your life
and your choices.