Less isn’t (necessarily) none.

People worry that letting go of things will mean the will end up with none.
Who they are and what they love will somehow disappear into the trash or Donate bag.

No one is asking you to give away every book, every pair of jeans,
all of your souvenirs, all your sports equipment, or all of your pots and pans.

Decluttering and simplifying means you keep what’s important to you.
What you actually use, value, and love.
Letting go of the extra or excess means what you keep
can be easily stored and accessed, used and appreciated.

You will realize that more isn’t better.
More is just the same thing, over and over, multiple times.

It is totally up to you to decide how much less you are comfortable owning.
How much space and energy you are willing to devote to keep and maintain
what you say is important?

You may end up with only one of grandma’s tea cups.
You may hold on to three of your ten college sweatshirts.
You may give away all of your kid’s Legos.
Sometimes less might be none,
but usually, 
if your are honest with yourself;
​less is just the right amount…