Like with like

One of the basic guidelines of being organized is to keep like with like.

Not only does it minimize the time you spend hunting for things,
it is also a visual reminder of how many of a type of thing you have.

The idea works in the pantry:  Stack all the soups together, all the packages of pasta,
baking ingredients, bottles of sauces, and cans of beans.
It works in your closet: Hang all the pants together, all the long sleeve shirts side by side,
skirts or suits, and dresses and sweaters.

Keep those like things near where they get used.
It seems obvious, but as our lives and interests change,
we don’t always rearrange things to reflect how we now spend our time and energy.

Is there one shelf, one drawer, one closet, or one bin that you could better utilize
and could become a more appropriate home for some like items?

Would that storage adjustment make your life easier?
Make more sense?
Move you toward your goal of a less cluttered, and more organized life?