Like with like

One of the most helpful tricks in keeping your home and life organized is to:
Keep like with like.

Store all your cold medicines on the same shelf.
Gather all your gardening supplies into one area in the garage.
Arrange all the pasta together in the pantry.
File all your important documents in one folder.
Hang long sleeve shirts in one section of the closet.
Put all the winter hats and gloves in one container.
You get the idea.

Bonus points:
Store the items where you use them.

If like items are organized together and stored where you need and use them,
you spend less time looking for things you know you have.
Seeing how much of something you have keeps you from buying duplicates.
Keeping things in the area where you use them simplifies tasks.

Spend less time looking for your stuff,
and more time doing what you love
with the people you care about.