Look where you are now. Wow!

Take a step back and give yourself some applause and credit for how far you’ve come.  
We are often so busy looking ahead, focusing on what isn’t done, what we haven’t perfected, how much more there is to do, that we forget to acknowledge all we have already accomplished.

I’m not just talking about getting your life less cluttered and more organized…

Change is challenging.  Whether it is putting your keys in the same place every day, learning to say No, or passing on the second cookie, but you’ve done it!  Once choice at a time.  

Remind yourself that it is a process and a journey, not a race to a destination. 

Every time you put your dirty dish into the dishwasher, every time you hang up your coat instead of tossing it on the chair, every time you make space and time for what has meaning in your life; your actions reinforce the choices that create change.

Trust me, you’re doing a great job.  Your life looks and feels differently than it did before you committed to pay attention in new ways to old situations.

Sometimes it is perfectly okay to look back-just to see how far you’ve come!

I applaud you.