Make it easier

Eliminate  steps whenever you can.
(Unless you’re doing the Tango or walking for exercise)

Easier as in:
    Sort the mail over the recycle bin.
    Set up on line bill paying.
    Put a hook on the back of the door and skip the hanger hassle.
    Keep your grocery list on your phone.
    Say No.
    Buy fewer things.

Make the mechanics of daily living as simple as possible.
Set yourself up to succeed at creating less clutter and being more organized.

Start with the results you want to achieve:  Less mess, bills paid promptly, more personal time, less stuff to clean/store/keep track of.  

Then figure out the fewest steps, least amount of energy and brain power you need to exert to make it happen.
(Trust me, there are no bonus points for making things complicated)


Life is complicated enough,
when you have the opportunity make it as simple and easy for yourself as you possibly can.