Make it easy

Life is challenging and complicated enough
without letting clutter and disorganization make it worse.

Simple systems with the least amount of steps make life easier.

Keep your grocery list on your phone.
When you run low or out of something, note it right then.
Buy certain thing at certain stores?
Have a list for each store.

Open your mail over the recycle bin and immediately toss
papers you don’t need.

Keep a Donation bag in the laundry room (and in your closet).
Don’t keep hanging/rehanging things you don’t like, don’t fit, won’t wear.

Pay bills on line.

If you must file papers, file in broad categories.
Paid bills. Taxes 2019.  Important documents.
If you need to find something, you can spend time then looking.
(Most papers get filed and never looked at again,
so don’t waste time having too many specific folders)

Learn to say No.

The more complicated the task, the least likely you are to complete it.
Give yourself permission to choose the easy option.
Simplify as many tasks as possible.

Simple is good.
Easy is okay.