Make your bed

Make your bed. Every morning. 
I can hear your eyes rolling….. 
(Remember the Two Minute Rule:  If you can do something in less than Two Minutes, do it now.)

 I know, I know.  
You’re thinking: Why bother making it?  You’re just going to get back into it later.

However, taking the time to neaten than one little area in your house creates a feeling of control. 
It gives you one place among the piles and stacks that is clear and clean. 
A clutter free place for your eyes to rest.

It won’t magically transform the entire situation in your home, 
but it will give you a small success to build on.

Having one small space of neatness shows you what’s possible:  
You can change the look and feel of your home. 

Try it. Tomorrow morning. 
Make your bed. 
And begin to declutter your life. 

Small  changes + new habits = Less clutter.

Less Stuff.  More Possibilities.