Match ’em up.

Falling under the category of How many is enough?
would be food storage containers.

(Rubbermaid, Ziplock, Tupperware, old yogurt containers…..
you know of what I speak)

Haul them all out of the cupboard, drawer, shelves where you keep them.
First:  Get rid of any that are stained, or misshapen.
Second:  Match all the bottoms to their lids.
(If you have a bottom with no lid, or vice versa-out it goes)
Third:  Group like sized ones together so you can see how many of which sizes you have.

Now, realistically consider how often you have things that need to be stored in these containers.
Think how many you would honestly use in one week.
(Do you really want to be keeping leftovers for more than a week?  
Other than maybe in the freezer?
And that can be problematic)

Decide how many is enough.
Which size do you use?
What style do you prefer?

Storing the lid on the container it belongs to keeps the area from becoming chaotic (again).
The other option is nesting the containers and
having one container to store all the lids. 
Chances are you came across a lidless container when you did your sorting….

Now, choose one drawer, or one shelf to be the home for these containers.
One should be plenty.
Seriously, real estate in your kitchen is too valuable to be using it for 
Justin Case storage.