More space in under ten minutes.

Three things you can do in ten minutes or less to create space in your life.

Remove all the empty hangers from your closet.

            Toss the cheap and flimsy ones.

Take ten of the good ones to the laundry room so you’ll be able to 
hang items directly from the dryer.

Gain space in your closet without having to try on a thing.

Sort the container of pens on your desk.

            Sort the contents.

Remove anything that doesn’t really live there.  (I won’t ask how some of that stuff ended up in there…)

            Test every pen/pencil.

            Throw away the dried up ones, cheap ones, stubby little pencils.

            Figure out how many is enough and limit the container to that amount.

Clean out your wallet.

Take out every item, scrap of paper, card, receipt, photograph, fortune cookie fortune.

            Toss/recycle the expired, unnecessary, unreadable and irrelevant.

Decide what really needs to live in there.  How many credit cards do you need?  What id needs to be with you all the time?  If you’re keeping receipts-why? 

Choose one little project.

Spend a few minutes.

Change the look and feel of one space in your life.

Feel happy.

Choose less to have more.