Moving. A. B. C.

Moving is the perfect opportunity to decide which items in your life you use, value and love.

Every item you decide to move will need to be packed, moved, unpacked and stored in your new home.
Every box you take ‘costs’ you. In time, moving fees, and square footage in your new place.

How much of your old life do you want to make space for in your new life?

Which pieces of furniture really fit?
What hobby supplies will you really need and use?
How many souvenirs, mementos and tee shirts are necessary?
Would you buy this item now?
Where will it actually live in the new place?

Once you decide about what you want to pack up and take with you,
instead of just packing up each room, marking the boxes with room names and brief content descriptions:
Try this method instead.
Set up an A, B, C box for each space/room you are packing.
    Use the C box for items you want to keep, but use infrequently. (Think Christmas cookie cutters, platters for entertaining, oddly shaped vases……)

    The B box gets packed with items you use regularly but not necessarily on a daily or weekly basis. (Muffin pans, table runners, extra linens)

    The A boxes get packed with the items you use all the time.
The things you need to make you feel settled and moved in right from the beginning.
(Usually the items you will pack up at the end of the process)

All these boxes will still need to be marked with room locations as well as contents.

The advantage to this system is that when you get to the new place
you only need open the A boxes.
You don’t have to spend time opening all the kitchen boxes to find the cups and coffee pot to have breakfast on day one.
They are in an A box.

Plus, by opening the A boxes first, those items will get the prime real estate/storage locations in the new space.

Then you can move to the B boxes, finding storage for those items.

And finally, if and when you get around to it, you can open the C boxes.

Or just store the C boxes and when you need an item from those boxes you can retrieve it. Or after a few months (or years) of the boxes being unopened, you can just donate them!

 Moving should be an adventure.
A chance to create a new place that looks and feels like home to you.
Only pack and move things that make you happy.

Your life, your home, your choices.