No is a complete sentence.

Even though we’re often tempted to follow it with an apology, explanation, justification or a promise of yes in the future.

Mindfully saying no reduces the physical, mental and emotional clutter in our lives.

We only have a limited amount of energy, time and enthusiasm.

Saying no establishes boundaries, creates limits and reminds us that we’re in charge of our choices.

Despites no’s reputation as a negative, it can in fact act as a positive reminder; helping us make conscious decisions about much energy to devote to a project, how much time we’ll spend on a relationship, and where our own best interests should keep our attention.

Choosing to say no, setting limits, and being conscious of how we spend our time and energy simplifies our lives.

Oh, it isn’t necessary to stomp your foot while saying no-but it might be fun to do it in your mind…..

Your life-your choices.