One product. Multiple solutions.

A clear, over the door shoe organizer is a great storage and organizational solution.

Hung on the back of a door, 
not only are you taking advantage of unused vertical space,
you can easily see what you’re storing, and
have quick access.

Entry closet:
Store gloves and sun glasses, dog leashes and treats,
hats and flip flops.

Kid treats in the lower pockets, small cans and jars
that tend to get lost on the shelves, spice packets,
cake sprinkles and frosting tubes.

Extra pens, Sharpies, staples, Post-its,
printer cartridges, note cards, craft supplies and tape.

Kids room:
Small toys, Barbies, art supplies, 
socks and shoes.

Extra soap, cotton swabs, wash cloths, 
medicines and first aid supplies. 
Give each person a row and let them store 
their own lotions and potions.

Door to the garage:
Frequently used tools (get them out of the junk drawer),
work gloves, gardening tools and supplies,
batteries, tape, flashlights and caulk.

Cans of spray paint, 
miscellaneous boxes of nails and screws,
clamps, tape measures and fiddly bits.

Use the hanger to store things where you use them.
Keeping things visible makes it easier to see what you have, 
and know where it goes when you’re finished.
Small items tend to get lost on shelves, 
but are readily accessible in a pocket.

Storage solutions don’t have to be expensive to be effective.