One small change.

We all want our lives to be easier,
for things to flow more smoothly, and
to feel more connected to ourselves and the people we love.

We know from past experiences and successes that 
when we consciously choose to change attitudes, behaviors, and habits
that life can look, feel, and be more in harmony with our desires.

We all know that changing can be challenging.
Wanting things to be different is not enough to make it happen.
Trying to change too many things too quickly usually results in feeling overwhelmed, 
defeated, and things often seem worse.

I invite you to choose one small thing.
One behavior, habit, routine that you feel is keeping you
from being organized, keeps you stuck and holds you back.

Start with hanging up your coat.
Every time you take it off.
Make it fast, easy and convenient.
Hang a hook on the inside of a door.
Heck, hang it on the outside if that means you’ll use it.

Stop yourself when you go to lay it on the chair, thinking you’ll hang it up later.
Later you will be on to ten other things.
Take the 15 seconds right then.
Hang up your coat.

(Once this becomes a habit and a routine,
then maybe you can consider the other piles of clothes in your room)

Put your dirty dish into the dishwasher.
Don’t set it in the sink, or put it on the counter.

(Once this becomes a habit,
you can work on the rest of the stuff on the counter tops)

Optional other small changes:
Walk for ten minutes everyday.
Read for pleasure.
Take care of the mail.
Put down your phone.
Do yoga.
You get the idea….

All our behaviors are the result of choices we make;
either consciously or unconsciously.
By consciously focusing your attention on one small change
you can create a new pathway in your brain.
New routines can become new habits.

You can change the look and feel of your home and your life.
One small change at a time.
Make one change the gift you give yourself for the New Year.

Knowing ourselves and our tendencies makes it easier for us to be successful
changing our habits and routines.
Gretchen Rubin has a great free quiz to help you identify your style
and use self knowledge to your advantage.