One small space

With everything going on in our lives and world right now; it is easy to feel overwhelmed.
Decluttering and organizing don’t seem like very high priorities.

However, outer order can often result in inner calm. 
Taking a few minutes to bring a small amount of order to our stuff
can result in feeling less anxious about life in general.
Not to mention, the little boost of happiness you’ll get when
you can find something when you need it!

You don’t have to organize you entire office today.
Start by emptying the pencil cup and tossing the pens that don’t write,
the nubby little pencil, the odd items that somehow randomly ended up in the cup.
Maybe organize your top desk drawer.
Again, toss the dry pens, the markers that don’t mark,
the sticky notes that aren’t sticky, the odd chunk of staples.
There is probably a drawer organizer underneath all that random stuff.
Use it.

Tackle one shelf of a book case.
Books are meant to be read.
If you’re not reading the books, they are just paper and ink.
Give them to someone who will get lost in the stories like you once did.

One cup, one drawer, one shelf.
Tiny little bites.
Small doable projects.
Create spaces that support the calmer, more organized life you want.