One item, one choice, one action.

You don’t have to organize the entire closet today, or deal with everything in the top desk drawer, or file all the papers piled on the desk.

Start with one.

Find something in your closet you know you’ll never wear again and put it in the donation bag.

Toss out the broken pencil in the desk drawer.

File your W2 with your 2012 tax papers.

That’s all there is to get organized.

You just have to decide about one thing; at a time.

Do you need it?  Use it?  Love it?

Does that one thing belong in that space?

Does it have a home somewhere else in the house?

Is it trash?  Recyclable?  A donation?

One decision is manageable.

Each single decision moves you toward 
having what you need, where you need it, when you want it.
You’ve already made the decision that you want to have a simpler, less cluttered, and  more organized life.

Now make one decision about one item in your life to make that new life possible.

Go ahead.  
Make a choice.