Out of your mind!

Trying to keep track of everything in your head can be crazy making.
Get your schedules, ideas, thoughts, plans, and dreams out of your mind and on to a list.

Not only does it free up space in your head, it gives you a visual reference and
reminder of what things you need to do, which tasks await your attention,  
and where you want to be spending your time and money.

You may want to have a Daily to Do List, (that fits on a Post it), grocery lists, a list of projects for your home,
ideas about your next vacation, The Five Year Plan Big Picture list,
books and movies you want to enjoy:
If it’s important to you write it down.

Once you have a list then begin to prioritize, as well as plan, how to make those things happen.
Which things are most important?
What needs to be done first?

For me, the best part of list making is crossing out!

Knowing I’ve taken care of something, done some sort of action to move things along, 
or not forgotten the obvious from the grocery store helps me feel in control of my life.

Also if something is on my list and I continue to avoid, ignore, procrastinate or never quite get around to it-
it becomes apparent that it isn’t the priority or desire I might have thought it was.
Which is just another opportunity to cross out!

Unstuff your head by making some lists.
Make Being Out of your Mind a good thing.