Take a breath.

By pausing we get the chance to choose between a reaction and a response.

A pause allows us a moment to give someone the benefit of the doubt.
Lets us act from intention.
Makes a tiny bit of room to make a more appropriate choice.

Pauses are where we begin to change our habits.

The pause is where our choices manifest.
Hang it up instead of dropping it it.
Put it away instead of setting it down.
Not hitting the Buy it Now button.
Letting go of a judgement or a should.
Treating ourselves with kindness.

Taking just a second to wait, remember why you wanted to make a change,
​step back, consider another point of view,
and then respond in a way that feels most appropriate.

Pausing takes practice.
It requires paying attention.
Slowly down, just for a second.

Pause, and give yourself the opportunity to have your intention
shape your response.