Yes, you have a busy life.
Yes, things feel a bit overwhelming.
Yes, it seems no one else is pulling their weight.
Yes, you could use a break.

So, take one.
Hit the Pause button.
Break the cycle of hurry, scurry, worry, fret.
Take a breath.
One slow inhalation.
One slow exhalation.
Give it your entire attention.

Feeling bold?
Take a second one.
Be in your body for the entire breath.

See if things don’t shift, just a tiny bit.
Grounding yourself, for even a minute,
will give you a sense of a bit more control.

Reminding yourself to pay attention to your breath
is good practice for paying attention to whatever it is you are doing;
right now, in this moment.

Pausing gives you a chance to consider a different choice,
opt for a different reaction, and
remember who and what is important in your life.