Permission granted

I’m passing my magic sword over your head, tapping you lightly on each shoulder and granting you permission.

You may donate the ugly sweater your mother in law gave you.
You may toss the dried up bottles of nail polish.
You may let go of the clothes that are two sizes to big
  and two sizes too small that you’ve been keeping for Justin Case.
You may recycle all the empty boxes from every small appliance you’ve purchased
  in the past five years.
You may say good by to your collection of unfinished craft projects, scrap book
  supplies and files of potential kid art projects (your kids are twenty five now…).
You may give away the linens you have to iron, the tea cups you’ll never use and
  the platter for the thirty pound turkey.

Lightning won’t strike, your great aunt’s ghost will not haunt you, you’ll have other great   
  ideas for art projects, and you’re still a nice person.

Holding onto items out of guilt or obligation, 
dragging too much of your past into your present,
and shoulding on yourself are forms of mental clutter.
And often then manifest as physical clutter.

Let go.
Make some space.
Live life on your terms.