Permission granted.

If you’ve been waiting to donate the not your style clothing gift,
or the tea cups from your grandmother,
or the wedding gift you’ve never used,
or clear the file cabinet of papers from five years ago,
the garage of sports equipment that you paid a lot of money for,
or toss sale food from the pantry that you know you’ll never eat,
or a pile of your child’s art work-
Please, go ahead.
Permission granted.

If you thanked the giver, if you know your grandmother isn’t the tea cups,
you have no intention of every making waffles, 
you’ve long since broken the small appliance that you’ve saved the warranty for,
your schedule doesn’t have room for tennis or golf or even croquet,
you now realize the bargain Costco multi pack didn’t mean you’d eat it,
and that just because your child created it, doesn’t mean you need to keep it.

Really, it’s okay to let stuff go.
Gifts, items you’ve out grown (on any level), the repetitive, the redundant,
the ‘sale’ purchases that weren’t really a bargain,
the items you’ve been storing for Justin Case.

Donating the unused, unneeded and unworn doesn’t make your life smaller-
it opens up space for you to see and use the things that are important and have value.

Give yourself permission to surround yourself with the things you love,
the people you want to spend time with,
doing activities that speak to your whole hearted life.