Plugged in

but not always connected.

Smart phones and iPads, Facebook and Twitter, podcasts and email, Words with Friends and the nightly news, and and and….
Some devices may indeed be wireless-but we’re still tethered.

Once again, more isn’t necessarily better-it’s just more.
The constantly available stream of information, updates, images, sound bites as well as requests to Like, Friend, LinkIn, support and forward can be overwhelming.

How do you know when it has all become too much?
Just like with other clutter in our lives we need to take a giant step back, take a breath and decide:
Is this how and where I want to spend my limited time and energy?
Does this connection add value to my life and relationships?
Do I have room (mentally and emotionally) for this in my life?
Is keeping up with all this across the cyber world interfering with me making real live connections?

Only you know how much is enough for you.
If you’re unsure or perhaps unaware of whether you’re connected or just plugged in-try unplugging for a while and see how you feel.
Turn off the radio on your commute.
Only check Facebook once a day.
Make Wednesday TV free.
Leave your phone in the car the next time you go out to dinner.
Call your friend instead of texting.

A less cluttered life isn’t just about dealing with the junk mail or hanging up your coat instead of dropping it on the chair-
it’s about making decisions about all the interwoven, over lapping, amazingly complex as well as obviously simple aspects of our lives.
And the choices are all yours.