Pre-emptive One in. One Out.

Take some time BEFORE the holiday to sort through your children’s toys.
Set aside the ones they have out grown, no longer play with, are broken,
missing pieces or may have never been opened.

Decide an appropriate way to let them go. (Donate or throw away)

Clearing out before the new arrivals means there will be space to store the new arrivals.


There may still be time to suggest to people that they give your children experiences
instead of more stuff.
Tickets to the Children’s Theatre.
An excursion to the Children’s Museum or Science Center.
Hiking in snow shoes.
A cooking class at PCC.
A tour of Theo’s chocolate factory.
A day at the Museum of Flight.

Relationships grow when people spend time together.
Bonds form around shared experiences.
Exposure breeds curiosity.

Most kids don’t need another toy, game, puzzle or pair of pjs.
They need to spend time with people who care about them,
and who engage their minds and their hearts.

Experiences will be remembered long after December 25th.