Price vs Cost

Sometimes we confuse the price of something with its cost.

The dollar sign with the numbers after it is the price.
The cost involves not just money, but also what was involved in getting the item to you, how long did you work to get the money to buy it, the time you spend using it, the space it takes up in your life-on every level, and what will happen to it when you no longer need or want it?

Cheap things usually are. Just because something was on sale or a good deal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bargain.
Try to keep in mind the difference between wanting something and actually needing it.  And there’s always the how many is enough question!

Having fewer things of better quality, considering cost per usage and better understanding why you purchase certain items will help you avoid bringing clutter into your home.
Before you put it in the cart or hit Buy Now, think about what it is that you’re hoping this purchase will change/improve/add to your life and home.  

Make the money you do spend buy happiness in ways that are important and meaningful to you.

Pay more attention so that the price you pay is worth the cost.

It’s your life and your decisions.


Oh, watch The Story of Stuff to get another perspective on the cost of things.