Put a lid on it!

And if you don’t have a lid that matches-toss it.

Let’s revisit and organize the plastic container cupboard/drawer/shelf.
Come on, it will be fun….(if not fun, at least the results will be satisfying)

Take out everything from the space.  Every container, lid, cap, bottle-whatever you’ve been ‘storing/hiding’ there.
Toss or recycle the misshapen, the grungy, the melted.  
Match lids to bottoms; these are the potential keepers.

Now, let’s get serious about how many you really need and will ever use at any one time.
What do you ever really store or save in this type of container?
They aren’t useful if you never use them….
Or do you ‘store/save’ things only to toss them later when you discover them as a science project in the back of the refrigerator?
(Just because your mom saved cottage cheese containers doesn’t mean you need to)

How many is enough?
How much valuable kitchen real estate do you want to devote to storing things for storing things?
Could you use a Ziplock bag instead?

Keep what you will really use.
Ditch the rest.
(and not just in the kitchen…….)

Your best life:  One choice at a time.