I have been dealing with depression, and ADHD. Those conditions make organization and completion of tasks a problem for me. Thank goodness Karen has insight to these types of things! She helped me by teaching me easy methods of organizing, and she made it fun!
—Sandy, Kenmore

Karen has a wonderful personality, and was a big help. She is easy to talk to, pleasant and sincere, She brought energy, ideas and assistance thatwere well worth the investment in reducing the clutter. She was both helpful and inspirational. I was shy about showing her my home, but was surprised at her gentle nature and how she was just plain nice about it all. I didn’t need to be embarrassed at all.
—Joel, Maltby

Karen came in and worked alongside me and had brought great tools to do the work with. Her ability to sit in the middle of the floor with me and just start from zero, was amazing! She was sympathetic, listened to me work through issues and was also motivating. We had multiple sessions and my life is forever changed. I was so very thankful to find Karen and know there was truly a person who could ‘meet me where I was’ and help me get where I wanted to go.

While I don’t think everyone’s needs are the same, I do think Karen can meet everyone right where they need, wherever that be.
—MK, Everett, WA


Q. How much time does the process take?

A. That depends and/or just the right amount.

Because every client and every situation is unique, the amount of time needed will vary. It depends on how ready, willing, and able you are to reconsider your stuff, its use, and value. As well as the size of the space and quantity of items we’re dealing with.

How much time and energy you’re willing to commit, either working together or on your own, has an impact too.

This is why I recommend starting with one three-hour session. Three hours gives you time to get familiar with the sorting process, see real change in an area, and experience the difference that having a few simple-to-follow systems can be. Because many decisions are being made and possessions are being touched and moved, this can be a mentally and physically tiring process. There may be an emotional element of the work, too. By limiting the time per session, you will feel positive and hopeful at the end, not exhausted.

Q. Do I have to be there and help?

A. I could come in and organize your things without you and your input, but that wouldn’t really address the issue of what created the clutter in the first place. In order for your situation to really change you need to be in on creating the organization and systems so they make sense to you for how you want to use the space.

Q. How does a session work?

A. Smoothly, with wit, wisdom, compassion, and a garbage bag and recycle bin standing by. We start by focusing on what you want the space to do for you. What would you like to be doing there that the clutter is preventing.

I work one-on-one, side-by-side with you helping you sort, prioritize, and organize your stuff. By asking you some simple, basic questions I encourage you to reconsider your stuff. What do you need, use, value, and love?

At the end of the session we review what we’ve accomplished, and then discuss you working on your own, and reschedule more time with me if necessary.

Q. Will I have to get rid of things I care about?

A. Every decision about what stays and goes is your choice to make. I ask questions and provide guidance to assist you in rethinking your connections to your stuff. You decide what’s really important and valuable to you and your life.

Q. Why hire a professional? Can’t I just have my friend help me?

A. By all means call a buddy and invite them over for a decluttering party. It can be a fun way to spend time together. On the other hand, perhaps you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable letting a friend in on this.

By hiring and working with an experienced professional you will effectively and efficiently deal with your clutter as well as learn the skills to maintain the changes and keep the clutter from returning.

Q. How will I maintain things once they’re organized?

A. New habits require practice, and things will never be perfect. Because you decided how you want the space to serve you and your life, and we’ve organized it in a way that makes sense to you, you’ll feel comfortable and confident that things are right where you need them when you want them. And be simple to put away when you’ve finished. The more you live in an organized space, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the easier it will be to keep things under control.

Q. How much is this going to cost?

A. How much is it worth to you to have a home you like coming home to, that reflects who and what’s important in your life, that makes entertaining easy, that is easy to keep neat and reasonably clean, that helps you live the life you truly want?

How much is it costing you to live in clutter and disorganization? Do you pay late fees for bills you misplace? Do you buy multiples of items because you can’t find one when you need it? Do you eat out more often than you’d like because your kitchen is too disorganized to cook in? Are you working more and more and spending more and more but feel like your life is adding up to less and less?

Oh, I guess I answered a question with more questions. Sorry.

I charge $40 an hour, so a three-hour session is $120.

You’ve paid for other valuable educational experiences, perhaps this would be a life changing use of money too.