Reach. Walk. Hike.

We know it’s important for things in our house to have a home.
When trying to decide where that home should be, accessibility is key.

The things you use most frequently need the closest and most easy access.
Think in terms of Reach, Walk or Hike.
Keep the items within Reach that you use on a regular basis.
Consider a Walk location for things you need on a less frequent basis.
Hike to those items you use, but don’t require prime real estate.

Reach, Walk and Hike locations can be in the same room.
Think kitchen-what items do you use multiple times a day?
Which things are you willing to Walk to access?
A Hike just may mean a top shelf or the back of a cupboard.

In your office, which items need a Reach home? 
What makes more sense to have to Hike to access?

Top drawers are usually Reach locations.
Garages and attics Hikes.

Use your daily habits and routines to assist you in finding the best,
most logical homes for the mechanics of daily living.
Make it easy to get the things you use, and easy to put them away.