Return on investment

Bang for your buck.
Results based on effort.

You get the idea.

You may have a long list of cluttered places in your home
that could use your attention.
And what’s true is:   You have a limited amount of time (energy and interest).

Consider which project is going to get you the most useable results.
Where can you spend thirty minutes in order to gain five minutes every day?
Which areas are ‘shoulds’ and which areas impact your quality of life?

Sorting through the box of photos or sorting the pantry?
Arranging your underwear drawer or moving your summer clothes to the back of the closet?
Paring down your craft supplies or clearing the garage so you can use the space more effectively?

You get the idea.

Decide which project is really important to you.
Which space frustrates you on a daily basis?
How could organizing one space alleviate problems in another area?

You don’t have to commit to a several hour project,
although that might be just the catalyst you need.
Ten minutes of serious effort in one small space or drawer could solve several problems
and leave you feeling more organized and less overwhelmed.

Choose one spot.
Sort, prioritize and organize what’s living there.
See what a small time investment can make.
Invest in the life you really want to be living.