Here’s a challenge for this week.

Don’t buy anything.
For one week: Stop shopping.

(The economy won’t collapse, you won’t starve and you won’t have to go out naked….)

And you still have plenty of time to buy experiences (not stuff)
for the people on your Christmas list.

This week, use up what’s already taking up space.
Make dinner from what’s on the shelf and in the fridge.
Wear the clothes you have.
Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t make it a bargain or a necessity.

Shopping takes time, money, and energy.
Given you have a limited amount of each-where do you really want to spend it?

When you do shop, honestly ask yourself:
Do I need this?
Will I use it?
Is this better or more useful than the one I already own?
Where will it live once I get it home?
Will having this support and enhance the life I truly want to be living?

Mindfulness when you shop will help reduce the clutter and disorganization
in your home.
Pay attention to how and where you spend your money and your time.