Simple and inexpensive solutions.

There are several common organizing problems that can easily be solved for under $15.
Display kid’s art work with an Easy Change Artwork Frame.
Get the piles off your desk, but still keep folders handy and accessible with a vertical file holder.
Use ice cube trays (yes, you’re old enough to remember them) to hold jewelry.
Repurpose an abandoned cd rack to hold the lids for your plastic containers.

You know what a fan I am of clear over the door shoe organizers.
Take advantage of the unused vertical space on the back of doors throughout your home.
  Use them to hold craft supplies, cleaning products, small boxes/cans/packets in the pantry,
    office supplies, kids toys, garden tools and seed packets, first aid supplies, make one into your
    vertical junk drawer, and of course, use it to store shoes!

Organization doesn’t have to be expensive.
Simple, easy to use solutions usually work the best.
Small changes can make a big difference is how your home looks, feels and functions.
Make choices that create solutions.