Simple Options

Keep the options simple.

Sometimes having more options and more choices makes us think we will arrive at the perfect solution or we’ll make the ideal choice.

However, the more options, the more time we spend in selecting and the more we second guess our choices.

Too many options can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and make us feel insignificant choices have greater weight and importance than they really do.

We find ourselves in “analysis paralysis”, instead of getting on with the activities and adventures in life that are truly important to us.

When filing papers (most of which you know you’ll never look at again) keep the categories general.

Buy the same colored towels for all the bathrooms.

Find products you like and consistently use them.

Keep like things together so you only have to look in one place to find them.

Don’t let trying to find the perfect solution keep you stuck. 

Trust me, imperfection is okay.  In fact it’s quite comfortable.

Keeping it simple, makes it easier.

It doesn’t always have to be hard to be good.

Choose to make your life easy.