Space, time and energy.

It’s a fact:  Your space is limited.
As is your time and your energy.

However, you get to decide how to
fill your space,
use your time and
spend your energy.

How full do you want your space to look and feel?
What do you want to devote your time to accomplish?
How tired do you want to be at the end of each day?

How much space, time and energy in your life is taken up
by your past?
How many physical items from that life surround you?
How much time do you spend rethinking decisions,
  retelling stories, reliving conversations?
How much energy does ‘then’ take away from your present?

There is certainly nothing wrong with memories, or sentimental items
or holding on to things that reflect what you love and value.
But, if there is so much of the past that it crowds out the present,
or leaves you little time and energy for moving forward, 
or is a constant reminder of unfinished projects-
let those things go.

That was then.
This is now.

Letting go of things, ideas, supplies, beliefs,  and relationships that no longer serve us
frees up space and energy for this life.  Now.

A full rich life, has space in it.
Breathing room.
Free time.
Energy for the activities and people we love.

Create some space.
See how full your present life can really be.