Spend a little

Spending a little time now, means spending less time later.

Use the Two Minute Rule:  
If you can do something in two minutes or less,
do it now.
Deal with the mail every day:
Recycle the unnecessary, shred, date and add items
to your Action folder.
Take ten before bed:
Spend ten minutes each evening tidying up,
start the dishwasher, load the dyer.

By taking a little time on a regular basis to deal with the every day tasks of life,
things are less overwhelming.
You have fewer piles,
messes don’t get out of control, and
you won’t have to dig out from under a mountain of 
clutter just to find your keys.

Creating just one or two new habits,
having a few daily routines, and
making it easy to handle the mechanics of daily living
frees up your time and your mind.

Spending a little time every day buys you more space
for the life you really want to be living……..