Start again

You did great at keep things uncluttered, for a while.
But now you see the counter is getting messy,
the dirty dishes are in the sink, (not in the dishwasher),
there’s a pile of mail threatening to slide off the table.

Don’t be afraid to begin the process of decluttering again.
You won’t be starting from scratch-
you’ll be starting from experience.

Remember why you did all the work in the beginning.
Remind yourself that being more organized does make your life easier.
Think about the tips and tricks you know to be effective:
Don’t put it down, put it away.
Justin Case doesn’t deserve storage space in your house.
Close the circle.
The Two Minute Rule.

Alas, getting organized never ends.
But, establishing habits and routines can make the ongoing process
easier and give you the results you say you want.

Let your experience of what works (and what doesn’t) guide your efforts.