Step away from the sale rack.

Oh, it’s tempting, I know.
Prices reduced by 10, 20, 50%.
How can you pass up such a great deal?

But before you grab that bargain
and make your way to the checkout, ask yourself:
“How is this one better than the one I already have at home?”
“Where will this live?”
“Is this what I came to the store to purchase?”
“Is this something I need, or merely want?”
“If it weren’t on sale, would I even be considering it?”
“How many is enough?”

One of the best ways to prevent your home from being cluttered and disorganized
is to make conscious decisions about what you bring home.
Practice the One in, One Out rule.

No matter how much and item is marked down,
how much money you save buy buying it on sale;
if you don’t need it and it is only going to become clutter-
You paid 100% too much!

Become aware of the sources and costs of your clutter.