Story telling.

Humans make meaning by telling stories.
We attach stories to all of our possessions.
Which is why it is hard to let go of things 
we no longer use, need, love or value.

Sports equipment we aren’t using holds the story of when we skied every weekend.
(Ten years ago, and not since)
Our stash of fabric holds the story of all the quilts we created and gave as gifts.
(The sewing machine hasn’t seen the light of day in four years)
Our closet of professional clothes tells the story of our climb up the corporate ladder.
(We no longer work in that field, wear that size, or dress like that for Zoom meetings)

Recognize that the story and the thing are two very separate things.
Keep the story and the memories, let go of the stuff.
Where and how are you willing and interested in creating a new story?
How can letting things go gracefully open up space for this life, today?