Five things you can do in five minutes or less to help change your attitude and energy.

1.  Go outside.
    Even if it’s raining or cold.  (Especially if it’s raining or cold)
2.  Brush your teeth. 
    It’s remarkable how two minutes on personal care can help you feel better.
3.  Text someone a Thank You.
    Acknowledging people we are grateful for is a great reminder of all that is good in our lives.
4.  Turn up the music.
    Sing along; out loud.  Dance.  (No one is watching)
5.  Grab a favorite book.  
    Open to a random page.
    Just reading one page can be enough to remind you why the story still captures you.

Some days the rut feels pretty narrow and deep.
It doesn’t take an aha moment or big activity to help change your perspective.
Often a small change will have just the momentum we need.