Stuff you own.

This week’s idea:  Stuff you own and Stuff that owns you.

There is a fine and sometimes blurry line between the items we own and those items we feel own us.

The things that bring us joy and pleasure, the accessories in our homes we enjoy, the tools and products that make the tasks of daily living easier, the clothes we look good and feel great in, the gifts that have meaning, and those things that remind of us of people and places that are dear to our hearts.  Those are the things we own.

The items we’re keeping out of guilt or obligation, the things we bought on impulse, the toys the kids don’t play with that are spread throughout the house, the equipment or supplies for hobbies we no longer choose to have time for or interest in, but we’re unwilling to let go of. Those are the things that own us.

Take a moment or two and do a quick review of a place in your home that feels cluttered or less organized than you’d like.  How many things in that room fall under the heading of owning you?

Could you let some of them go?  Are you willing to trade a few moments of discomfort, regret or embarrassment over having held onto to something beyond your use, need or interest?

Would opening up that space make a difference in how you feel about and use that area?

The things in life we feel good about having, we don’t mind taking care of, or finding places for them to live.  We are making conscious choices about what’s important to us.

Just like we don’t want to give space in our house to store Justin Case’s things, we don’t want to feel owned by our possessions.

Your choices.

Your results.

Your life.

Choose wisely.