That sneaky Justin

I’ve mentioned Justin Case before.
Many times!

Justin Case I need this receipt.
Justin Case I need a back up back up stapler.
Justin Case I decide to watch this VCR tape.
Justin Case I find the mates to all these single socks.

How much space does Justin Case get for storage at your house?
And why does an imaginary guy get any space?!?

You feed Justin with your worries:
What if I lose ten pounds?
What if I decide to start playing tennis again?
What if I need a service for twelve of fine china?

IF any of those things were to happen,
and you’d let the clothes, racket and plates go-
you’d figure out a solution.
You’re a smart and capable problem solver.
You have resources.
Trust your own abilities.

Let Justin’s things go.
In fact, let Justin go!