That was then. This is now.

That was then. 
This is now, 
is one of my favorite ways to help people reframe how they think about their stuff.

Then I used to play golf, or knit, or dress professionally for my job,
or have dinner parties for ten.
Now I don’t do any of those things.

Perhaps another way to consider Then and Now:
Then I used to have baskets of laundry.
Now I do a load every day and it’s less overwhelming.
Then I shopped for fun and entertainment.
Now I call a friend a meet for a walk.
Then I said Yes.
Now, I carefully consider what I am willing to add to my schedule.

Organizing and decluttering isn’t just about what you are letting go.
It’s about what you need and want in your life today.
How you want to spend the limited amount of time and energy you have.
It’s about making your Now a reflection of who and what is really important to you.