That was then.

This is now.

Now is where we live.

One cause of clutter, one challenge of letting go of things,
is that we often forget the difference between then and now.

Many of our belongings and habits are left from a time when we had
other interests, priorities, relationships, jobs and hobbies.
Sometimes we miss those activities and the people,
or we imagine that somehow we will find the time to resume that
lifestyle again.
We think that holding onto the stuff somehow keeps then a part of our now.
Mostly it just clutters up our lives and homes, and can keep us looking back; 
when we really need to be looking forward.

Pausing to consider this life now; where you spend your energy, time,
money and commitments will help you let go of things from then.

Letting go of reminders, evidence, supplies and equipment from our then self
can be challenging.  
Yet, choosing to live in the now, surrounded by the items and people that best support our 
current lives and dreams, frees up space; literally, mentally and emotionally.

That was then.
This is now.
Choose to be present.