THE easiest storage solution.

Store it at the store.

Now that is a brilliant way to simplify your storage needs!

There is a balance between having what you use and need available to you, 
and not turning your home into a warehouse of items you bought ‘on sale’, or Justin Case, or because it came in a multi pack.

The best storage ‘home’ for some things is right on the shelf or the rack at the store.
Let them use their square footage so you don’t need to waste any of yours.

Often what you  think you save, in money or time or convenience; you end up paying for in clutter, crammed closets and drawers, or forgotten about stock piles and caches.

The more you have on hand the more money you’ve spent,
the more storage places you need to create,
the more you need to keep track of,
the more you need to maintain.

Take advantage of the free, unlimited storage the store has available.
Choose less to have more……..