The Junk Drawer

Most kitchens have them.  
The drawer that is stuffed, crammed, filled with this and that, random little bits, anonymous pieces, parts and pennies, pencils and the cat’s collar.
The repository for the ‘I don’t know so I’ll shove it in here’, Justin Cases’s things, and the it’s too far to put it where it really lives, so now it is out of sight and out of mind.

Is that really the best use of such valuable real estate in your already crowded kitchen?
Even though you think you’ll look there to find the tiny screw that holds the thingy bob together, or the extra flash light bulb or the key to the -oh dear, what is that key for?

There’s a reason it’s called the Junk Drawer.

Today’s mission is to ditch the junk, keep what you really use and need, and arrange the drawer so you can see what you have and where to put it  when you’re finished with it.

So pull out the drawer, dump it out on the counter top or table and start sorting.
You’ll need the trash close by, along with the recycle.
Make groups/piles of like items.  Pens and pencils, loose change, batteries, rubber bands, miscellaneous nuts/bolts/screws…
Let the mystery items go. (It’ll be okay, I promise.)

Surveying your groups, what really needs to go back into the drawer?  And of those items, how many of each?
Are there are other places in the house that make better storage sense?  Your office?  The medicine cabinet?  The tool box?
Could some of the items live in an over the door clear shoe organizer-perhaps on the back of the door leading to the garage?
Those items would still be readily accessible and visible.  
Think small tools with small tools, flashlights and their batteries together, etc.
Find logical homes for things.  Store like with like.

Consider a drawer organizer for the things you’ve decided to keep in that drawer.
Having dedicated spaces for items will keeps the drawer from reverting to the mess it was.

The next time you’re tempted to just toss something into the junk drawer, 
pause and ask yourself:
  Why am I keeping this?
  If I really do need to keep this; is this its best home?

Sorting, prioritizing and organizing even one drawer in your home makes a difference.
Try it.  
You’ll be happy faced with the results.