The next three inches.


We’re all pretty aware of what’s in the first three inches of our cupboards or cabinets,
a drawer or a stack of papers.
But what’s in the next three inches?

When we move past the items in the front-those things we use most often,
wear most frequently and
left so we’d be sure to find them; what would we find?

Food we’ll never prepare,
expired medications or supplies,
a sweater with padded shoulders,
an over due bill or over looked check?

This week, try digging a bit deeper.

Choose a cabinet, drawer or pile of papers and sort through it.
What really needs to live in that place?
What needs to be donated or tossed?
What paperwork needs a few minutes of your time and attention?

Maybe spend a few minutes digging a bit deeper personally too.
Are there activities you might be willing to step away from?
Judgments about yourself or others that you’d be willing to let go?
Kind thoughts you’d be willing to articulate in a note to someone special?

It’s good to have important things up front and accessible,
and it’s wise to be aware of what we’re holding on to a bit deeper too…..