The Perfect Holiday

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  Voltaire
The tree,
the house decorations,
the gift for your mother-in-law,
your contribution to the pot luck,
the hostess gift,
your child’s behavior,
the Christmas letter,
______________fill in the blank.
Often we wait to do something until we can do or be it perfectly, and we never take action.
We have expectations of ourselves or others that can rarely be met, are unreasonable and unnecessary.
This time of year it is especially important to not get caught in the trap of trying to create the perfect Holiday.
Having to find the perfect gift, wanting each gift to be wrapped perfectly, hoping your contribution to the pot luck will be fabulous, baking each cookie to perfection, hanging every ornament in your collection, or expecting family and friends to accommodate your schedule and expectations.
This Season be happy with Good.
Let go of your expectations and feel your contentment and joy rise.
See the Good-ness in others.
Feel the Good-ness in yourself.
“Beauty is the shadow of imperfection.  Simon Van Booy
Be Beautiful.