The point

The point isn’t just to make your life easier.
It’s to make it more meaningful.

Although it is true that a less cluttered and more organized life is easier to navigate.
Not having to deal with piles, or stacks, or a general air of chaos
makes the mechanics of daily life less time consuming.

But the real aim of living a life with less ‘stuff’ is it to give your life more meaning.
Not spending your time shopping, or comparing,
or feeling anxious about how what you have measurers up:
It allows you to focus on who and what really matter to you.
You have more time and energy to spend doing what you love,
and being with the people who matter most to you.

How you spend your money and your time are a direct reflection of 
what and who have meaning in your life.

Invest your money and your time connecting your values to your actions.
You only have so much time and so much money:
How do you want to spend it?