Those boxes of video tapes and slides.

Many people I work with have a box, or two, or five of VHS tapes or maybe boxes of  slides of family birthdays or events, adventures or travel.
And most often no longer have the equipment to view the media.

They know there are services available to transfer the images to a useable format,
they just never quite get around to doing it.

Here’s a bit of a financial incentive.  
This month Costco is offering a $5 coupon on the service, with a limit of five.  
True, you probably have way more than five, but as I like to say “Little bites”.

Five dvds take up far less room than five tapes or boxes of slides or old home movie reels.

If they are important enough for you to save,
then take the time and effort make them accessible.

Not a Costco member?
Walgreens, and 
offer the same services.

With the images transferred to dvd you could skip a Netflix
and reconnect with moments from your family’s past.

And the new dvds could be a perfect gift…..