Time management. Or is it?

“Do you always feel like you don’t have enough time? Here are some interesting facts about time that once considered could have a deep impact on how you view the 24 hours you get each day.
1. Time is the one area where we are all totally equal. Everyone gets the same amount of time every day: 24 hours. Since this is true, the people who seem to have more time than we do must be approaching the use of time differently.
2. You cannot save time. You can save money. You can save physical items. You cannot save time.
It continues going on no matter what you do.
So, why do we engage in behaviors designed to “save” us time?
3. Time cannot be managed. There is no such thing as a time management system.
What we manage is our behavior – not time.
Time simply is.” 
Krysta Gibson

At its heart, decluttering and being more organized are visible proof of how you manage your behaviors.  
Remember what is really important to you,
what activities you value,
and with whom you want to spend your time: 
Then act it ways to make those moments possible.