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What I know:

It isn't about our stuff.
It's about our connections.

Bigger. Better. More.
Rarely is.

Our best lives create space
in our homes and hearts
for the people and activities
that make us genuinely happy.

You must be present to win.


How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”  Annie Dillard

Shopping? Fretting? Sucked into Facebook?
With people we love?
In nature?
Pausing in gratitude?
Laughing out loud?

It’s your life, and your choices.
Choose with a wise heart.

New homes for $10

A key element of being organized is having homes for your things.
Giving items a specific location makes finding and returning them easy.
One of my favorite and most versatile organizing products is a clear, over the door shoe organizer.

Because it hangs on the back of a door it takes advantage of unused vertical space.
Being clear means you can easily see what’s in each pocket.
They are easy to install.

And the possible locations and uses are endless.  Or pretty close.
For example: On the pantry door to hold snacks at kid level, packet and envelopes that often get lost on shelves, small cans or jars, plastic cutlery, bags of chocolate chips, cupcake liners, you get the idea.

The coat closet door to hold mittens and gloves, hats and scarves, sunglasses and sunscreen, the dog leash, and dog toys. 

The office door to hold extra pens and pencils,toner cartridges for the printer, boxes of staples, paste and glue, gift wrapping supplies (cut out the bottom out of one section and slide wrapping paper rolls through it),and other assorted items from the desk drawers.

The bathroom door with the option of assigning each person their own row, or for general back up storage of soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics. All those items that get lost in the vanity drawers or under the sink.

On the kid’s room door to hold action figures, dolls, cars, packets of game cards,art supplies, maybe even socks or shoes.

The door leading in from the garage to hold frequently used small tools, the tape measure, and cleaning supplies.

So many doors, so many possibilities.

Take advantage of unused vertical space.
Store things where you use and need them.
Keep things visible when possible so that everyone can see where things belong. 
Make it easy to get things out, and easy to put them away!

Be Kind

Is it more important to you to be right
or to be kind?

Winning the argument, having the last word, or
proving your point.
What exactly have you won, ended or proven?

Much mental clutter is rehashing arguments,
replaying victims scenarios, and
practicing ‘shoulda saids’.

Try letting it go.
Try stepping back, biting your tongue,
and surrendering your need to win.

Decide when and where it really is important to
make your opinion known, share a relevant fact,
or end a discussion.

But really, most of the time
being kind is the best kind of winning.
Accept agreeing to disagree and let your 
relationship be more important than your opinion.

Walk away and let your kind actions be what people remember.


Abundance is a full heart,
not a full house.    Courtney Carver

Maybe the life you want is hidden under all your stuff…

Don’t organize

Don’t organize what you don’t need.

If you don’t need it, use it, or value it:
Don’t waste time and energy organizing it.

Only create homes for things you want to have in your life right now.
No matter how cute the baskets,
legible the labels,
neat the piles-
If it isn’t part of the life you’re living now,
it’s clutter.

An easy way to organize your stuff may be
to get rid of most of it!


Not what, why.

It’s not about what you own.
It’s about why you own it.

What’s important to some people has little or no value to others.
Why you choose to keep some things and let others go;
is all about you and the value you place in specific objects.

We keep some things out of guilt or obligation.
We hold on to things from our past thinking that one day we might lead that life again.
We keep things that were a good deal, even if we have no place to store them.

It’s your home and your life.
You get to choose what things surrounds you.
Choose things that support the life you want to be living.
Items that reflect who and what you value.
Make sure the why story you tell yourself 
makes your heart light and your home comfortable.



Who you are

Life isn’t about what you have,
it’s about who you are.

Not your house, your clothes, your car,
your job, your salary, or 
any of your stuff.

It’s about what you value,
how you treat people, and 
what moves your heart.

Make sure where you put your thoughts,
your energy,
and your time
builds the life you truly want to be living.

It’s your one true amazing life,
how do you want to live it?

Don’t organize…

Don’t organize what you don’t need.

Don’t waste time or energy organizing things you no longer need, use, love or value.

Not matter how neat it looks,
the matching baskets,
the labels:  
If it doesn’t help you lead the life you want now-let it go.



Think carefully before you give ‘things’ to other people.

Unless someone has specifically asked for a certain item,
don’t assume they want or need more stuff in their life.

People who matter to you would rather have time with you,
sharing an experience; than another thing they need to find a home and use for.

Make a memory with someone.
Add to your shared story.
Give the gift of your time and attention.

In ten years the gifts will be forgotten,
but your emotional connections will still have meaning.



Keeping up is easier than catching up.

Simple routines make it easier for you to maintain order and organization.

Always hanging up your clothes is less daunting than a chair piled high.
Opening mail everyday is easier than going through a bag full you stashed and ignored.
One load of laundry a day washed, folded and put away beats five baskets toppling over.

Don’t put it down, put it away.
If you can do it in two minutes or less, do it now.
Close the circle by completing the task.

A little bit done everyday means there’s only a little bit to do everyday.
Not hours worth at the end of the week.

Choose an easy life.