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What I know:

It isn't about our stuff.
It's about our connections.

Bigger. Better. More.
Rarely is.

Our best lives create space
in our homes and hearts
for the people and activities
that make us genuinely happy.

You must be present to win.

Applause, applause, applause.

Who is the ovation for?
For you, of course!

Take a moment today to acknowledge the changes you’ve created in your life 
around decluttering and being more organized.
Is your house perfect?  Please!!!!  (As if.)
If there is one less pile than there used to be, 
or you’re managing to put your keys in the same spot most of the time, 
or you’re remembering the Two Minute Rule:
You are making a difference in your life. 

For the times you’ve asked yourself how many is enough?
Or you’ve hung up your coat instead of just dropping it on the chair.
Or you’ve returned the scissors to the drawer where they live.
Or you’ve paid the bill before the due date.
All these small actions move your life in the direction of simplicity and less chaos.

Paying attention is where change begins.  
Remembering who you really are and allowing yourself to imagine the life you want to be living 
gives you a chance to glimpse how that life might look and feel.
Every time you choose to act in ways that support that idea
life gets a little less cluttered, 
you feel a bit more in control, 
and you come home.

Every small action has power.
Every day is a chance to make new choices.
Every choice makes a difference.

Take a bow.  
You deserve it.  

One in. One out.

Clutter is often a math problem:
Five pairs of jeans-of which you only really wear two.
Four places where you keep scissors-none where you actually need them.
Ten worn tee shirts just in case you do some painting-which you haven’t done in five years.
Three empty boxes from your recent computer purchase- two years ago.

One answer to a less cluttered and more organized home is the One In, One Out idea.
(This  concept is closely connected to How Many is Enough….)

When you bring a new item into your home, 
you need to be willing to let of  a similar item you already have.
Replacing the worn, tired, obsolete, frustrating to use item makes sense.
Buying yet another of the same type, function, limited usefulness; is trading money for clutter.

Before you bring another thing into your home, decide what the new item it will be replacing.
Don’t forget to think about where this new item will live. 
Everything needs a home,
and being able to put your latest acquisition away immediately will keep it from becoming clutter.

Frame a new purchase by considering:  Do I want it or do I need it?
Two vastly different reasons for adding more stuff to your life. 
How will this new purchase help you live the life you say I want?  
Does this add to the quality of your life, or will it complicate routines, 
systems and spaces that are currently working just fine?

Controlling what comes into your home is key to keeping it clutter free and organized.  
Thoughtful purchases can create a home that feels comfortable and supportive to you.

One in.  One out.
(Maybe even One in.  Two out!)

Just in case

Ah, the old just in case reason to not let go.

Curious that we are so good at imagining a time, somewhere in the future, 
where we might need an object we haven’t used, needed or even remembered we owned!

Here are ideas on how to reframe the whole just in case mindset.
1.  Think of just in case as a guy, named Justin Case.
     You are giving Justin storage space in your house for things that he thinks might come in handy someday.
     You barely have room for your own things, and you’re giving him room on a shelf?  In a drawer?
     In the back of the closet?  Out in the garage?
     And it’s not like he helps around the house.  He just demands room for his stuff.

2.  Hopefully you got your money’s worth out of the item.  
     Holding onto the item doesn’t get you your money back.
     That money is gone.
     Your cost per usage provided the value you desired.
     If you never used or under used the item, you wasted the money when you purchased it, 
     not when you let it go.

3.  Let’s say you let something go.  And in six months you need it.
     I’m willing to bet you could find something in your house that would do the same job.
     Or that you could borrow the item from a friend.  Or purchase it used.
     If you did decide to replace it, I’m betting the new one would be a better version of the one you had.

Instead of holding onto things from the past, just in casing about the future, 
I encourage you to trust yourself.  
Believe that you know what you really need for the life you want to be living.
That you have the ability and the resources to get whatever you may need to support that life.
Come from a place of abundance and not scarcity.
Say goodbye to Justin Case.
And hello to a spacious and more organized life. 

One small change.

We all want our lives to be easier,
for things to flow more smoothly, and
to feel more connected to ourselves and the people we love.

We know from past experiences and successes that 
when we consciously choose to change attitudes, behaviors, and habits
that life can look, feel, and be more in harmony with our desires.

We all know that changing can be challenging.
Wanting things to be different is not enough to make it happen.
Trying to change too many things too quickly usually results in feeling overwhelmed, 
defeated, and things often seem worse.

I invite you to choose one small thing.
One behavior, habit, routine that you feel is keeping you
from being organized, keeps you stuck and holds you back.

Start with hanging up your coat.
Every time you take it off.
Make it fast, easy and convenient.
Hang a hook on the inside of a door.
Heck, hang it on the outside if that means you’ll use it.

Stop yourself when you go to lay it on the chair, thinking you’ll hang it up later.
Later you will be on to ten other things.
Take the 15 seconds right then.
Hang up your coat.

(Once this becomes a habit and a routine,
then maybe you can consider the other piles of clothes in your room)

Put your dirty dish into the dishwasher.
Don’t set it in the sink, or put it on the counter.

(Once this becomes a habit,
you can work on the rest of the stuff on the counter tops)

Optional other small changes:
Walk for ten minutes everyday.
Read for pleasure.
Take care of the mail.
Put down your phone.
Do yoga.
You get the idea….

All our behaviors are the result of choices we make;
either consciously or unconsciously.
By consciously focusing your attention on one small change
you can create a new pathway in your brain.
New routines can become new habits.

You can change the look and feel of your home and your life.
One small change at a time.
Make one change the gift you give yourself for the New Year.

Knowing ourselves and our tendencies makes it easier for us to be successful
changing our habits and routines.
Gretchen Rubin has a great free quiz to help you identify your style
and use self knowledge to your advantage.


Lower your expectations.

Some of the cookies might be a bit over baked.
You may not get all the decorations put out.
You may not find the perfect gift.
You might have been naughty when you had intended to be nice.
(By the way, bite marks in your tongue are sometimes less painful than you might think)

It might be the happiest time of the year for some people-and not for you.
It’s okay, really.

Perfection is usually unattainable, over rated and fleeting.
I’m not advocating not trying.
What I am suggesting is good is good enough.
Do what you can.
Let it go.
Move on.
When you are able, you’ll do better.

Lower your expectations and up your compassion,
for yourself and others.

Things don’t change.

“Things do not change, we change.” Henry David Thoreau

How often do we wish situations in our lives different than they are?

How often do we want someone else to act or respond in ways that we believe would be easier for us 
and ‘better’ for them?

How many times have we thought when this happensor that changes then I’ll do _________?

Waiting for things to change is just that; waiting.

How much of life do you want to spend waiting instead of being?

You only have the power to change your own behaviors and habits. 

You get to choose what’s important in your life; 
which things have meaning, what activities to spend your time engaged in, and which relationships feed you head and heart.

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol

The hard stuff

Choosing to do hard stuff now
will lead to more choices and 
opportunities later.

Thank you

What a year we are experiencing.
Challenging, to say the least.

I know that getting and staying organized can be a challenge-even on good days.
Papers, clutter, and stuff seems to appear overnight.
Trying to manage our lives and homes amid these even more challenging circumstances
is hard.

I appreciate that you are trying.
I am grateful that you take the time to read these tips,
and maybe try some of the ideas I offer.
I’m grateful that you are showing up for your own amazing life.
(even when it doesn’t seem very amazing…)

As you take a moment or two for reflection on what you are grateful for in your own life:
Please put yourself on that list.
Acknowledge the gifts you bring to the world.

Now more than ever, the world needs us to show up-
with open hearts, open minds and compassion,  
for all of us.

The light in me sees and honors the light in you.

An option; not a solution.

Even if it is labled, neatly boxed and stacked out of sight,
if you don’t need it, use or love it; it’s clutter.

Your house is a home, not a storage unit.

Not deciding about items is an option, 
but not a serious solution.
Sentimental things can be challenging to let go.

One solution is to cull through collections, 
keeping a few of the most significant pieces.
And letting go of the rest.

Create a Sentimental box.
Use it to hold pieces that are evocative of times or places
that resonates in your head and heart.
Be a selective curator.

Make decisions and find solutions 
that will free up space for the life you have now.
​And the life you are creating as you move forward.